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When you think of chicken dance, think about Napoleon Dynamite

In the summer of 1999, Napoleon was back on the map as he made a triumphant return to the stage.

That was when he performed in London.

It was the first time he had performed in a U.K. venue since 2003.

In his career, Napoleon has released nine albums, and is currently touring in Canada.

He also has a string of television and film projects, including The King of Queens, a live-action TV series based on his life.

Napoleon’s most recent project is a music video for his 2002 smash song, “Chicken Dance Song,” which is one of the most popular songs of all time.

Napontas newest music video, released in 2017, stars the singer in a very different role than he did in the hit songs, which were directed by the late Steven Spielberg.

In the video, Napontas character, King Nap, dances with a chicken.

The song’s lyrics, “I’m a chicken dancer, and I dance with my chickens,” are taken from a poem by Shakespeare.

The video was released by Disney in partnership with Paramount Pictures, and has been viewed more than one billion times.

The King of Prussia, who was known for his outrageous antics, died in May at age 94.