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New Year’s Eve dance to mark 20 years of Israeli military occupation

Tel Aviv — New Year, a celebration of Israel’s military occupation of Palestine and its citizens, has been marked in Tel Aviv, where a dance by the country’s security forces has been held at the site of the first Israeli settlement in the occupied West Bank.

Israel’s Defense Ministry said on Tuesday that the dance was “a very symbolic moment for Israel and all of Israel.”

The military, which controls about 20% of the West Bank, and other forces have occupied East Jerusalem since the 1967 Mideast war.

Israel considers the entire city of East Jerusalem to be its capital and has built several settlements there, but the Palestinians claim the West Jerusalem area as their future capital.

Israel has said it will not recognize the annexation of East al-Quds as Israel’s capital and says it will seek to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but it is unclear how far its military will back away from the occupation.

The dance has been a tradition for many years and is considered an act of protest and defiance.

The event was originally scheduled for Jan. 31, but was postponed to Jan. 4.

A group of Israeli dancers from the Tel Aviv District performed at the dance, according to Israeli media.

It was the first time in 20 years that a dance was held in the city, said the IDF statement.

The IDF said it planned to maintain a presence at the event.

The Jerusalem District Court ruled in January that a Tel Aviv police officer’s use of pepper spray on demonstrators who had taken part in the protest on Jan. 28 was illegal, ruling that the officers had no legal right to use the pepper spray and had violated the rights of demonstrators.

The judge said he would consider the police officers decision a violation of the defendants rights to free speech and assembly and that they had the right to retaliate with violence.