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Gianna Dance Mothers’ Dancing Dolls ‘Are Too Heavy’: The New York Times

NEW YORK — For more than a decade, Gianna dance mothers have danced in front of the camera, their dresses and accessories shimmering in the light.

They’ve performed with the likes of Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder, and even Katy Perry.

But that’s all in the past, according to a new report from the New York Post that details the women’s struggle to keep their dresses from falling off in public.

“I’m going to dance like I just walked in, but my dress is falling off,” one of the mothers told the newspaper.

“It’s like, this is the most difficult part of my job.”

In recent months, the New Yorker’s Kate M. Baker has chronicled the women and their struggles.

In her latest piece, Baker says the women are struggling to get clothes made for their children.

The women have faced similar challenges when it comes to buying shoes, even though many of them have had children.

They have been unable to buy a pair of shoes that fit properly because of the size of their children, Baker writes.

The Post says the mother who wrote the article, who spoke on condition of anonymity, is the second to speak out on the subject of their dresses falling off.

Baker, who interviewed the women in recent months and filmed some of the performances, says that while the women had been wearing dresses for years, they were only able to keep the dresses on when they got home from work and needed to change into their pajamas.

They also were worried about the size and weight of the dresses.

“They were very heavy, they would be sitting on the floor,” one woman told Baker.

“You could see the dress falling off and it would be like a giant black stain,” another woman told her.

“Every time I would take off the dress it would start falling off.”

Baker says she spoke to the mother and daughter multiple times to get a more accurate picture of the issues.

In the end, Baker believes the women decided to stop dancing for fear of losing their jobs.

“Their dresses were so heavy that they could not get them on.

They couldn’t get them in the right position,” Baker wrote.

“If the dress is too heavy it could come off.”

The New Yorker also interviewed the mothers of two of the women, the first of whom was born in 1977.

“The day you wear a dress is a day you get your life changed,” the mother said.

“My life changed when I got to dance.

The whole day, I had to dance.”

The mother said the dresses were also made to be worn with the kids.

“Your life is changed when you put on your clothes,” she said.

The other mother said she had to take out the money for the dresses every month, while the other mother spent a lot of time on the phone trying to find a new dress.

The mother who said she would take out money for her daughter’s clothes said she worried that the family’s clothes would fall apart.

“What’s the point of a family if you can’t wear it?” the mother asked Baker.

Baker says it is a question many New Yorkers still have to ask themselves.

“When you have kids, your parents are a great help.

And so are the kids who are in the house,” Baker writes, “but they’re not always your family.”

The Post reports that the families are working on a plan to keep these dresses and other clothes on their children while they’re away.

They plan to donate them to charity when they return home.

But Baker says that’s not the only issue.

“As the years go by, you’re always going to have issues with things falling off or getting worn,” she writes.

“There are things that people are doing that are beyond their control.”

Baker, in an interview with the Post, said she hopes her article will encourage more women to speak up about the challenges that face their daughters.

“Because this is a problem that is a growing concern in New York, and it is affecting women of all ages, I think it’s important that people think about this as a community issue,” Baker said.