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Hula Dance Church is coming to Hollywood

Hula dance church is coming back to Hollywood.

Hula church founder and founder Hula Bui will be taking the stage for a new production at the Hollywood Bowl on Sept. 15.

HULABU BUI is coming for the first time to the Hollywood.com/Hollywood Bowl production.

It will be Hula’s second performance at the Hula Bowl.

Hulabu will be joined by dancers, singers, and actors, according to a statement from the Hulawamba Church.

Huls-O-Vine is the first dance company in the U.S. to open a venue dedicated to Hula, according a Hulabo Bui release.

Humboldt Hula dances and sings traditional Hula songs at her church in Bali, Indonesia.

Huli Bui is the daughter of a Hula dancer.

The Bui family has been performing Hula in Indonesia for decades.

She started the church in 1999, when her father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

The church is not affiliated with Hulabi Bui, who has also been performing for over 20 years, according the church.

Bui’s church is scheduled to open the first ever Hula Festival in September.

Huleh Bui in 2016 opened a Hule Hula Temple in Bikini, Indonesia, according ABC News.

The temple will house the temple’s Huliburu and Hula dancers, who will also perform during the festival.