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Cat dances to her favourite tunes in a video to win $200K in dancing contest

Renegade Dance Central and Dancing Girl are sharing a video on Instagram with the hashtag #DanceCentralRevolution.

They’re using the hashtag to raise money for Dance Central Dance Central, a non-profit organisation that works to promote dance in Africa and the world.

“We all need to dance,” the cat dances.

“But we also need to know who we are dancing with, how we are feeling, and what we want to do.

This is our chance to dance.”

Dancing Girl is one of the four dance-centric brands that partnered with the Dance Central Foundation, a nonprofit that helps promote dance throughout Africa.

“Dance Central is a social platform that connects dance-makers across the continent with dance partners who share their love for dance,” a spokesperson for Dance Core said.

“With our partnership, we are helping dance-loving individuals in Africa to become better dancers and ambassadors.”

The hashtag has been trending in Africa since the group posted a video of the cat dancing on Instagram last month.

“For the first time ever, our goal is to bring joy and positivity to dancers in Africa through music, art and dance,” Renegade’s founder and CEO, Kala Wijenaer, said in a statement.

“Our mission is to empower dancers and inspire the next generation of dancers to dance for freedom and change.”

DanceCore is the UK-based arm of Dance Central.

Renegade, which is part of the dance community in Kenya, has been active in the region for many years.

“The Dance Central Revolution is a celebration of our dance culture and its role in empowering women and girls in the African diaspora,” Renegades founder and president, Mafo, told BBC News.

“We hope that our dancing will inspire new dancers and create a new wave of dancers.”

Mafo Wijenier, Renegades Founder and President, Kalla Wijenyer, at the event in Kenya.”

Dancing is something that we can really help change for the better and that’s why we are so excited to partner with Dance Central.”

Mafo Wijenier, Renegades Founder and President, Kalla Wijenyer, at the event in Kenya.

Dance Core is an organisation that is working to promote dancing in Africa.

Renegades partner is Dance Central in Kenya.(ABC News: Alex Cappuccio)Dancing Girls has been sharing videos of cat dancing since 2013, and in 2018, they also started to host live shows on YouTube.

The dance group has partnered with Dance Core to make the dance videos available on the dance-focused website.

In 2018, Renegade also released a song entitled Dance Central (featuring a live dance from Kenya).

The group’s music video for Dance central is part dance, part dance party, with a strong emphasis on the music of DanceCentral.

Dancing girls in Kenya dance together to dance music.