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‘Dance Song’: The BBC’s ‘Dancing with the Stars’ episode is the only dance song you should hear on BBC News

The BBC has launched a new dance song that will not only please dance fans, but will also help you sleep better.

Dancing With the Stars season eight episode 10 – Dance With the Lights – premiered on Monday, and while you can already hear a handful of new songs on YouTube, the new dance version will also have a place in your sleep.

A new BBC News programme, Dance With The Stars, will be shown on Monday night to help people get into the groove of the new show, and a new music video will also be shown.

The programme will be hosted by the BBC’s David Attenborough, who will introduce a few new dance moves and music to the show.

The BBC is also encouraging people to take part in the programme by making videos of their own.

Dance with the Lights will be a three-hour programme.

It will include live music and dance, and features a number of new dance tunes and dance songs, including the BBC dance number from last week’s episode.

It will be presented in full on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

The new BBC Dance programme will debut on Monday on BBC1 at 6.30pm, with the programme to run for three hours.

The BBC said there will also not be a full length programme for the programme, but that people could catch up on previous episodes online.

The show, which was filmed in the United States, will air in the UK on BBC iView and on BBC World.

Dancer and dancer, dance with the lights: dance with a special music videoFor those looking to get into dancing for the first time, Dancing With the Times and the BBC Dance Programme will be streaming the new Dancing With The Times music video.

The video, which features a dance routine that takes on the sounds of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s London stage, is being filmed in London.

The song, titled Dancing With Light, is about the power of love and how it can spark a revolution.

It has been used in dance videos and dance music videos in the past, and is believed to be inspired by the British dance group the Lumiere Brothers.

Dancers will be able to watch the video on their BBC iWatch or BBC World iPlayer or download it to their devices.

The music video, Dancing with Light, will feature the Lumieres in the Royal Ballet, along with a line-up of dancers and music.