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When Drake’s One Dance was cancelled, one dancer got to be the next to make history

Last week, one of the world’s most celebrated dancers, the world-famous and critically acclaimed street dancer, Drake, announced he was stepping down from his role on the show Dancing with the Stars, citing creative differences and other creative obligations.

Drake, who is currently in Europe, is leaving behind a massive legacy.

He created a career for himself and his fans around the world, and his music, in many ways, is as influential as ever.

He is also the subject of a documentary, Drake: What He Did, which has been widely praised for its candid interviews with the legendary rapper.

It has also been criticised for the way the documentary treated his legacy.

This week, a few months after Drake’s announcement, his wife, Kesha, announced she would be taking over the reigns of the show.

Kesha was a dancer before she was a pop star, a career she had been pursuing before the video for the hit single “Work,” which she co-wrote with Jay Z, became a global sensation.

“Kesha’s been my biggest fan since I was a kid,” she told reporters at a press conference in New York on Tuesday.

“She’s been a fan of my work since I can remember.

It’s hard to believe I’ve got to leave.”

Kesha’s departure has not been unexpected.

The singer and songwriter was a key player in Drake’s early career, when the two worked together on tracks like “Fancy” and “One Dance,” and later on the “Can’t Hold Us” and the “Don’t Hurt Yourself” albums.

She had previously signed with Def Jam, which had previously sold her her first major record, the 2010 album Views.

After she was married to the rapper in 2014, Kesh had been working on her own solo project.

But in April, Keshi’s husband announced he would be moving out of their home in the US and into a luxury apartment in Canada, where they have a large children’s play space.

He told The Associated Press in April that he had wanted to be closer to his children.

Keshi has also expressed frustration at her lack of recognition from the media, which she has accused of “showing bias” towards her.

She said that the press “will not be able to write about us unless we make a few mistakes, and that’s not fair.”

After her announcement, the internet took to social media to slam the music industry for its treatment of Kesha.

“I know this is hard to hear,” Kesha tweeted, adding that she was going to quit.

But many in the industry have been reluctant to dismiss the singer, who has been consistently praised for her music, for her decision.

Many in the entertainment industry are also concerned about the impact her departure will have on the legacy of the “Fenty” video, which was filmed at Drake’s home in California, and which has become one of Drake’s most popular videos ever.

“There is no doubt that Drake’s one dance is the most beloved video of all time, and he is the first celebrity to be a part of the Disney Channel’s iconic live dance show,” Disney’s chief executive, Bob Iger, said in a statement.

“We have worked for many years with him to develop the show in such a way that it is accessible to all viewers.”

The Disney Channel said it was aware of the issue, but that “it is difficult to comment at this time because of the ongoing legal proceedings.”

“Disney Channel has a proud history of celebrating our talented artists and supporting the world of dance,” a Disney spokesperson told Mashable.

“The show is always the biggest and best and has never been about us, it’s about the people who make it possible.”

But in the days after Kesha left the house, fans started sharing the hashtag #DanceWithTheLegend, which suggested the singer could have left her job because she wasn’t receiving the respect she deserved from the entertainment media.

The hashtag has been used by fans to voice their frustration at the way they’ve been treated.

Many of those who have commented on the hashtag have also expressed concern that Kesha will soon lose the attention of fans because of her decision to step down.

“If Kesha wants to be remembered as a dance icon, she has to stop being an artist who doesn’t care about dancing,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

“It’s a very real risk to her career and legacy.”

Meanwhile, the music world has taken to Twitter to defend the superstar, and even called for her to be fired from her position on the ABC show.

“Dance with the legend is a world class show,” one tweet read.

“When Kesha steps down, the show will go on.

#DANCEwiththeLegend will continue.”

“If Drake wants to continue to be an icon in dance, she needs to stop taking advantage of