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New video from young people in dance outfits shows them enjoying dance, wearing dance costumes

A video has been posted online showing young people enjoying the fun of dance.

The video, entitled ‘Wanna dance in a dance outfit?’, has been shared on Facebook by an anonymous person.

The person, who does not use the name of the person who posted the video, has posted a picture of himself dancing with his friends in a variety of outfits, including a dress and a turban.

The clip was uploaded to Instagram by the anonymous person on March 12.

A number of people on social media have posted the clip to the page.

Some have commented on the footage.

One person, @Dante_Horn, wrote: “My brother is a DJ, he loves his own style and he has been dancing for so long and loves dancing.

His style is so much fun to see in action, and it shows you how you can dress and show off your style in a fun way.

It’s just fantastic.”

Others, including @joe_liverman, said: “Just saw this.

I have been dancing since I was 15.

This is amazing.

It is the best I’ve seen!”

Another user, @Shelley_Doyle, said it was “very cool” to see people enjoying dancing.

“My best friend and I have always wanted to try out the dance floor,” she wrote.

“I love dancing and love to dance with my friends.

This video is just awesome.

Thanks @nasa.”NASA Twitter: @AstroBiz