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Which countries are most likely to dance?

The United States is one of the countries most likely dancers to dance, according to the United Nations’ latest count.

The survey, carried out in 2018, also found the United States ranked at number five with the most dance-friendly countries, followed by Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France and Britain.

Australia ranked second with the United Kingdom.

Dance-friendly nations in 2018 The survey also found that Australia had the highest number of dance-friendliness cities in the world.

New York and Los Angeles were also among the most highly dance-attracted cities in Australia, with the capital Sydney topping the list with the highest score.

Dance friends across the country were ranked by the number of times a city was visited, which is the number on the map below.

Australia’s cities with the largest number of dances Source: United Nations (PDF) New Zealand’s second highest score for dance-loving was in the northern suburbs of Auckland, with more than 1.3 million dances per year.

Other top cities with large numbers of dances included Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra and Perth.

Australia has a very active dance scene, with dances reported to take place on the streets of more than half the country’s capital cities.

Dance in Melbourne, which hosts one of Australia’s biggest events, the World Expo, is often reported to be the most popular destination for Australians in the city, according a 2015 ABC News story.

Dance party in Melbourne’s CBD Source: ABC News 3 The number of dancers in Melbourne was estimated at over half a million, with many taking to the streets during the World Exhibition.

The city’s dance scene is also a popular destination in the United Arab Emirates, with dance parties taking place in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the United Emirate of Dubai.

“It’s a very large and active dance party scene in Melbourne.

It’s very welcoming, it’s a lot of fun,” a dance promoter who gave his name as Mohammed told ABC News.

“There’s a certain amount of people who come from the Middle East and other places, but we do it for fun.”

Dancing in Dubai source: ABC Local Media 3 Dubai’s dance party hotspot is popular with foreign dancers who come for the same reasons as Australians, Mr Mohammed said.

“If you’re in Dubai and you’ve been to Dubai, it has been your dream to see Dubai and go out to dance and you’ll go to Dubai and have a dance party and come back.”

Dubai’s dancing scene is a big draw for Australians Source: Instagram/@DubaiDJsDubaiDubai, the UAE The UAE’s dance-party scene is still very much in its infancy, with Dubai having only recently been given the go-ahead for the city to host the World Exposition.

However, Dubai’s government has been actively promoting the city’s burgeoning dance scene and has recently opened its city centre to the public, which has helped draw more foreign dancers into the city.

Dance parties are a big attraction in Dubai as well, with tourists and expats enjoying the city for the most part.

According to a 2015 report from the UAE Tourism Authority, Dubai had the largest foreign tourist arrivals to the country in 2018 with more Australians visiting the country than any other destination.

“Dubai’s dancing is definitely a popular and popular place to visit and it’s still a very popular destination,” a DJ from the Dubai DJ’s Paradise told ABC Australia.

“We’re seeing a lot more foreign tourists come to Dubai than anywhere else.”

There’s some great bars, there’s great places to hang out, you get to dance with people from all over the world.

You can dance on the beach at night, the streets are really open, there are plenty of bars, you can dance at home and at night you can go to nightclubs or clubs, which are still open in Dubai,” he said.