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Dances, Baby Groot,Dances: Groot dances to Water Dance video

Baby Groots are the stars of the latest animated Disney Princess film, Water Dancers.

In the film, Baby, a little water dancing Groot (voiced by Dwayne Johnson) has to save the princesses life after she is kidnapped and then captured by the evil water dragon Groot and his minions.

Baby Groot has been a recurring character throughout the animated Disney princess movies, including Frozen, Winnie the Pooh, Beauty and the Beast, and Cajun Bambi.

While his appearances are mostly minor, he also made an appearance in the recent animated film, The Jungle Book.

While he was briefly in Disney’s upcoming adaptation of The Jungle Books, he was not part of the film.

The Disney Princesses have become increasingly popular among young adults and teens since The Jungle books.

Baby GroOT’s character and storyline in the movie are very different than those of the Disney Princess movies, and it is a little hard to say if this new Disney Princess is going to be more popular than any of the previous Disney Princess.

However, the Disney-inspired music video and dance video are very entertaining and entertaining.

Dancing in the waterThe water dance scene in the video is performed by Baby Grooth and features a water dancer.

This is a fairly rare element in an animated film.

Water dancers are a relatively new addition to the Disney universe, and most of the water dances are performed in underwater environments.

The water dance in the new Disney movie is a very different kind of water dance.

The scene features a dancing baby Groot who is surrounded by his friends.

There are a couple of other water dancing characters as well.

Baby is wearing a pink and white shirt with his arms outstretched and the word “DANCE” on it.

The dancing baby is very cute and has a very expressive dance that you can see in the animated video below.

The video is one of the most popular Disney Princess music videos to date, with over 4.5 million views on YouTube.

The water dancer is the main character in the song Baby Groott.

This song was written by Kevin MacLeod and features music by Chris Brown, who also wrote the theme song to Disney’s animated feature film Cinderella.

Baby is the name of the character from the musical Baby Groovies, which was a hit in 1998.

The movie’s lyrics are a little more serious and serious sounding than the music video.

The songs lyrics are about Baby Grout, a water dancing baby who can create a magic spell that can help people when he is thirsty.

The new Disney princess film is going down well with young people.

There is no doubt that Baby Grouts music video is the most anticipated Disney Princess movie to date.

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