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$50K cash for $100K street dancer

A new craze for $50,000-plus cash for a street dancer is spreading across the country, with the highest-profile prize being a $50k cash prize for the first-ever winner of the $50 million Street Dance of the Century competition in New York City.

The first-time winner of that competition, who was crowned this week, was a woman who has appeared in more than 60 films including a Tony Award-winning turn as a prostitute in the “American Psycho” series, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The new craise for cash prizes for street dancers, which have increased by nearly a third since 2012, comes amid an increase in police-reported sexual assaults in the United States, with some states pushing for laws that would prohibit the payment of cash to people in need.

The New York-based nonprofit, The Dance Project, which hosts the annual competition, said the cash prize was intended to “celebrate the diversity of our city, our diverse community and our community’s amazing talent.”

The $50m Street Dance is the most prestigious annual street dance competition in the country.

Last year, a $30,000 cash prize became the first for a dancer in New Orleans, and $25,000 in 2016, the first year that the competition has been held in New England.

This year, New York is bringing the prize to New York State for the second time.

The city is one of the few states where a cash prize can be awarded for a performer who performs in an event that includes dancing and dancing alone, The New York Times reported.