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Which of the Ronda Rousey, Ronda O’Brien, and Jessica Ennis are you the biggest fan of?

A little dance fan is the only thing standing between the UFC’s most talented fighters and the title, but that fan is definitely Ronda “Ronda” Rousey.

O’Brien has been a vocal Rousey fan for some time now and has taken a few shots at the champ in her posts on social media over the years.

While many have called out O’Briens recent feud with Rousey over her controversial comments that she wasn’t really married to Chris Weidman until they were both in the UFC, the two women have a strong bond and their feud has always been one of the most polarizing in UFC history.

O’driens tweet about the fight with Rouseys was widely interpreted as an attack on the two fighters, but O’Reilly has taken the comments as a compliment and believes that the fight made her an even bigger Rousey follower.

The Rousey-O’Reilly feud is still ongoing and is still a source of heated debate, but Rousey is in a strong position to become the first UFC women’s bantamweight champion since Joanna Jedrzejczyk in 2016.

Rousey has had the champion’s support since her first fight with Tate, but the two have not been the same since.

Rousey is not the only one to have their sights set on O’Brian.

Ronda’s teammate and teammate in-fame Dana White was also quick to praise O’O’Brian for his fight with O’Connor.

While O’Conner is no longer with the UFC after his UFC debut, White believes that O’Connors performance against O’Meara was an example of how he can become a star and how O’Ardene has done in the cage.

O’,Connor, Rousey & Rousey have the same goals in life, but they are different, and they deserve respect, said White.

@dana_white is a legend.

We are rooting for him!

– Ronda on OA pic.twitter.com/yqX7q8xzL7 — Dana White (@danawhite) August 26, 2019O’Connor and Rousey will face off again at UFC 207 on July 9 in Rio de Janeiro.

Rouseys first UFC bout will be on July 11 in London.