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How to do ‘Swirl’ without breaking your heart

This year’s “Swirl” is one of the most popular dance competitions in the UK, with fans and media around the world taking part in the annual event.

The choreography is very different to the ones we’re used to in dance competitions and it can make for some unique moments.

So, to make sure you don’t break your heart, here are the things you need to know about this year’s event.


There are no ‘wigs’ You need to have no hair on your face.

You’ll be required to wear a wig.

The reason for this is because in the United Kingdom you need a wig to wear makeup in public.

If you don�t have a wig, you�ll have to cover your eyes and you’ll also need to wear face coverings in the audience.

There is no ‘hair on the head’ in this year�s competition.


You need a full costume The costume must be a full-face wig, full-body wig or a mask.

If the costume is full-frontal, you won�t be able to wear your hair up.

You can however wear the mask and the costume over your head if you�re unsure. 3.

There�s no competition stage.

There will be a stage in which you�d have to perform the dance, but there�ll be no competition to win.

This is because there�s a competition to see who can create the best dancing routine and that�s where the competition will take place.

4. There won�s only one way to be crowned This year�, the winner of the competition is crowned in a ‘swirl’.

The dance will then be performed by the winner.

You will need to repeat this routine until you�ve been crowned.


You don�’t have to wear the same wig as the judges You don’t have need to get a wig for the competition, but you will need a different wig for your own routine, so the judges won� t have to make the same decisions.


You won�d get a refund If you win the competition you�m entitled to a refund if you donít like your routine.

This doesn�t apply if you lose the competition because you are unable to perform because of a health condition.


There may be a fee for the dance You can pay for the full course or part of it.

You may be asked to pay for extra dancing or you can pay the cost of the wig and makeup.

The fee depends on the length of the course.


The rules for this year won�tt be different This year the competition rules will be different from the previous years.

There was one rule for each category of dance.

There were three rules for each section.

This rule will apply to all categories of dance from a full routine, to a routine of five parts, to two parts and to solo performances.


You must keep your routine clear in advance There�ll always be a rule for every category of routine and this is a good rule to keep in mind when performing the choreography.


You�ll need to practice each part in front of a mirror You�re not allowed to change a routine, but this rule can be tricky.

There can be a lot of situations when a routine needs to be changed, so you will have to practice the routine every day.

It�s not always clear when the next routine is due to change so make sure that you follow the rules and make sure your routine stays clear in front a mirror.


You have to have a good understanding of the dance If you�weren�t able to perform a routine last year because of your health condition, you can still do it this year.

The rule for this rule is different from previous years and you will only be able do it if you have a health checkup and you are at least 20 years old.


You are not allowed on the competition stage This year there will be no competitors in the competition.

You cannot be on stage if you are having a health problem.


Youll have a maximum of five dances to do at a time If you have to choose between a full and two parts, you have five to choose from.

You only need to perform one part for the whole dance, so make a list of the five dances that you�l be able for. If there�re more than five dances, make sure they are all performed by you.


There might be a ‘scratch’ to the routine If you need more time, there might be an ‘intermission’ or ‘screw’ in the routine.

You should do the part with the lowest number of dances for this time period and the one you�s best performing the best dance.


You shouldn�t worry if you fall ill You don���t have to worry if your health gets worse if you take part in this competition, it won�