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‘Fatal accident’ in Fortnite: ‘No doubt’ video goes viral after ‘Dancing in the rain’

The latest Fortnites video has racked up over 500,000 views on YouTube, and the song has been trending on Twitter.

The video was uploaded on Wednesday, but was removed by YouTube on Monday.

A spokesman for the game developer told Mashable the video was taken down due to copyright infringement.

He said: “No doubt there’s going to be some people who will claim this was not their song.”

However, as a developer, we are committed to the safety of our community, and when someone takes an otherwise safe and legal clip, we take action.

“We have already removed the video, and will be doing so again.”

Read more about Fortnits video:The video has since been reuploaded on YouTube with a warning saying the song contained explicit language.

A representative for Fortniti told Mashaberg: “The content in the video is not ours, it was taken from another music service.

It’s a video of Fortniting, it’s not ours.”

The company is also currently working with the Australian Government on its new anti-bullying initiative, which aims to tackle bullying in schools and workplaces.