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What’s going on with Paige’s dad?

With the wedding of his daughter to her stepmom expected this weekend, Paige’s father, Kenny, is having trouble sleeping.

The couple is set to get married next week.

So, he’s been taking his time getting ready to put the finishing touches on his wedding ring, which will be on display at his daughter’s graduation party this weekend.

But Kenny says his dad has been struggling with his emotions since he lost his job.

“I’ve been trying to figure out, I don’t know if it’s because I’m trying to deal with the loss of my job or if it is because I’ve been feeling so depressed,” Kenny said.

I just need to figure it out for myself and see what the right thing to do is. “

So, I just don.

I just need to figure it out for myself and see what the right thing to do is.

I’ve had so much support, so much love, and I just just want to do what I can.”

Kenny, who has a full-time job, said he’s trying to get to a place where he feels happy and healthy.

“When I’m happy and I feel like I’m going to be healthy and healthy, I’m just going to keep going,” he said.

He said his father hasn’t really talked to him about his feelings since he was laid off from his job at the nursing home, but he said he hopes to get some advice from his son about his relationship with his stepmother.

“Maybe we can talk about what I’m feeling right now and what I want from my dad and I’ll talk about that.

Maybe we can find some peace.”

While Kenny said he wants to celebrate with his family, he said his family has been working so hard to prepare.

“We had to do all this stuff to get here,” he told ESPN.

“Everything we had to prepare for was to be ready for this.

We had to come up with everything to make it to this point.

I guess, you know, that’s just part of being a dad.”

The wedding is set for Saturday in the small town of Newbern, about an hour from Pittsburgh.

Kenny said his parents and their daughter are not planning any special arrangements for the ceremony, but they’ll have the bride wear a red and gold dress.

“She will have a red dress,” Kenny explained.

“She’s going to have her hair done by a professional groomer and she’s going be doing some pretty special things for her father and the groom.”

“I just want them to have a wedding like this,” he added.

“To be able to celebrate a relationship like this, and then also be able share this special moment with my dad.”