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Dance Music Is Coming To PlayStation VR Today

Dance Music is coming to PlayStation VR, Sony announced today.

According to the company, the new platform will be able to play the genre’s most popular dance tracks, including Big Gigantic, Big Room, and Pussy Riot.

This is a huge step forward for Dance Music, as it brings dance music to a whole new audience.

Check out the full press release below.

The PlayStation VR launch party has been going great and it’s a joy to celebrate the launch of PlayStation VR with the community, Sony Worldwide Studios VP of Marketing David Hayter told Polygon.

“We’re excited to see what new music is being played, and how people can use it as a means to engage with each other.

It’s a unique way to connect with each others music and make new friends.”

Dance Music will be playable on PlayStation VR starting today.

It will be available in the “Dance Mix” mode, where users can choose from a large library of Dance Music tracks.

The new format allows users to listen to songs that have been popularized by the Dance Music community.

This includes artists like Bruno Mars, DJ Snake, and Zara Larsson, who have all been nominated for an award for best dance track.

While PSVR will have its own library of dance music, it will not be limited to one genre.

The company said that users can use the Music app to browse the PlayStation Music library, which has more than 100 million tracks and is available for free.

Users can also search by genre, artist, and even playlists.

The Dance Music app is designed to be a central hub for all kinds of dance-centric content, Hayter said.

For example, users can easily add songs to playlists that are specific to their style.

In addition, users will be allowed to subscribe to music from other platforms through the PlayStation Store, PlayStation Music app, and PlayStation Music Pass.