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‘A little bit sad’ over Gandy dancer’s death

Gandy dancing instructor and mother-of-three Dara Jones has died aged 87.

Ms Jones was a regular on the dance floor at Dublin’s Irish Dance Theatre for more than a decade and was a popular figure among her audience.

She was also an internationally acclaimed dance teacher and choreographer. 

She had been a regular at the Dublin dance theatre since the mid-1970s and is survived by her partner of more than 20 years, Joanne McLean.

She leaves behind three daughters and her mother, Mary, who died last year. 

“A little sad.

The world will miss her and our whole family, her children and friends,” said a statement from her daughter, Marie McLean, on the Dublin Dance Theatre website.

“She was a fantastic teacher and I was so proud of her when I saw her.”

The funeral is being attended by members of the Dublin community, who were expected to attend from across the country. 

Mr McLean said the Irish Dance Centre’s Board of Directors and the Irish Ballet Society are saddened by the loss of Ms Jones.

“Gandy had a wonderful, inspiring life. 

The dance community of Dublin is saddened by her passing,” he said.

“We are devastated and our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected.”

The Irish Dance Company said it would be taking no further action.

Ms McLean had a passion for teaching, especially to the younger generation.

She taught at a number of schools, including Dublin, for many years and also ran a dance academy. 

A memorial service will be held at 5pm on Monday at the dance theatre, and will be followed by a vigil at the Catholic Cathedral. 

Gandy Jones is survived.